Our Team

Henry Koh

Board Secretary

Henry Koh is the Board Secretary of Beyond Borders Malaysia, a member of PROHAM (Society for the Promotion of Human Rights) and the Malaysian Representative for the UN Global Fund’s Country Coordinating Mechanism (2019 – 2022). He previously worked with UN agencies and human rights organisations, focusing on the rights of refugees and migrant workers, freedom of expression, assembly and association, access to healthcare and SOGIESC (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics) rights. 
Henry holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Human Rights Law, a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) (University of London), and a Postgraduate Diploma in International Arbitration.

Pratheebhan Pillay

Board Member

Pratheebhan Pillay is a Board Member of Beyond Borders Malaysia. He is a systems analyst and holds a Masters in Business Information Systems from Monash University. He focuses on empowering refugees, asylum seekers, statelessness persons and migrant workers through technology. Pratheebhan’s also works with Malaysia’s B40 community by training them in digital marketing and other tech-related subjects.

Hana Hussein

Board Member

Hana Hussein has been in the market research industry for over twenty years with experience in organizational development and counseling. She also has a keen interest in human development, community well-being and mental health. Hana has been involved in community projects for Malaysians as well as refugees and undocumented migrants for the past few years and is continuously seeking other avenues to support marginalized individuals and communities.

Goh Lee Kwang

Board Member

Goh Lee Kwang is the Secretary of Beyond Borders Malaysia. He is an artist and activist who lives and works in Malaysia. His works covers a wide variety of avant-garde, new media arts and experimental music. Goh has been touring / performing internationally at festival of contemporary art and music in many Asian and European cities. He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellowship, Stuttgart, Germany. Goh is the founder of Switch ON, a platform for electronic arts in kuala Lumpur and also the founder of Herbal Records, a music publishing company. He is also a member of Art For Grabs, the pioneering art bazaar mini fest in Malaysia.

Derek Ong

Board Member

Dr Derek Ong is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Sunway University Business School. He has been teaching for more than 16 years and is currently inspiring a new generation to embrace Sustainable and Social Marketing which encourages young students to apply marketing knowledge into real world projects that supports marginalised communities, including refugees.

The Advisory Board

Charles Santiago

Chair of Board

Charles Santiago is a three-term lawmaker in the Malaysian Parliament. He is also the Chair of the Human Rights and Constitutional Affairs Parliamentary Select Committee and Chair of the ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR).His work focuses mainly on trade, labour, environment, water issues and right to medicine.

Charles, in his capacity as the APHR Chair, led a fact-finding mission to Cox’s Bazaar to listen to the violence and gross violations of human rights that the Rohingya have suffered at the hands of the Myanmar military. And also met with Yang Hee Lee, UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, to explore ways in which Malaysia can lobby Myanmar to stop the attacks against the minority Rohingya. Charles has a Masters in Economics from the New School for Social Research, New York.

Board of Advisors

Debbie Stothard

During her 38-year career, Debbie Stothard, has worked with diverse communities and activists to engage states, IGOs and other stakeholders throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas on human rights and justice. Her work is focused on the thematic priorities of business and human rights, atrocity prevention, and women’s leadership. In 1996, she founded ALTSEAN-Burma which spearheaded a range of innovative and empowering human rights programs. This includes ALTSEAN’s ongoing intensive leadership program for diverse young women from Burma, which in the past 22 years, has helped strengthen and expand women’s leadership in conflict-affected zones.

She served as a member of the Board of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) for 9 years as Deputy Secretary-General (2010-2013) and Secretary-General (2013 – 2019) during which she promoted the mission and profile of FIDH at approximately 100 meetings and conferences per year.

Jo Kukathas

Jo Kukathas is a director, writer, actor, and Artistic Director of The Instant Café Theatre Company (1989) best known for theatre that reflects Malaysia’s diverse ethnic, religious and cultural composition. Her work and that of her company’s infamous political satire  takes aim at everything from corruption to cover-ups and challenges the notion that freedom of expression cannot exist in modern Malaysia. She also runs programs on new Malaysian writing for the theatre working across linguistic and ethnic lines. She has done a number of international projects and collaborations and her work has taken her to Japan, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Germany. She regards her work as equal parts theatre, art, democracy, intercultural and multilingual collaboration, migration, human rights, humanitarian concerns and climate change. She believes we have to think, dream and make art beyond borders. She is an API (Asian Public Intellectual) Fellow and a DDS Fellow, De La Salle University, Manila.

Glorene Das

Glorene A Das is the executive director of Tenaganita Womens’ Force,  a human rights and non-profit organisation dedicated in helping, building and protecting migrants, refugees, women and children from exploitation, discrimination, slavery and human trafficking. The organization seek to promote and protect the rights of marginalized and vulnerable individuals who have no voice in this globalised world. She is also the Director of Caram Asia, two-term Treasurer of International Migrants Alliance, Vice Chair of PAN Asia Pacific, and Treasurer of Asia Peasants Coalition. Glorene Das has a background on Liberal Studies, Human Rights and Social Science.

JK Asher

JK Asher is a Filmmaker and a Refugee Rights Advocate.
The Rohingya refugees are close to her heart. Described by the UN as the most persecuted minority in the world, Asher has a vision to redeem Rohingya as victims of Genocide and build bridges between them and the world, starting with their host nations. In her documentary “From the Killing Fields to the Playing Fields”, Asher hopes to help the Rohingya achieve their dream to play in the CONIFA World Football Cup. This involves lobbying for documentation and fighting for human rights for the Rohingya JK Asher has a footprint in two nations, Malaysia and Australia. She is a published author of the fictional novel “The Inverted Banyan Tree”.

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